Ruby Emerald
Ruby Emerald


Ruby Emerald

Japanese Name

ルビーエメラルド Ruby Emerald


Hoenn: ?


Littleroot Town




Pokemon Champion

Pokemon Trainer

First Appearance



Norman (Father)

Sapphire Emerald (Younger Sister)

Crimson Emerald (Younger Brother)

Pulse Emerald (Cousin)

Ruby Emerald is the older brother of Machine and Sapphire Emerald as well as being the current Pokemon Champion of Hoenn and the oldest child of Professor Birch.


Shortly after becoming the Pokemon Champion of Hoenn, he heard that his family was being attacked by the Reddosutā Shikaku and so, he intercepted them halfway through. Unfortunately, he was unable to stop them and continued to his home in Littleroot Town.

He met up with Machine and Sapphire Emerald only to see that their mother was dead and that their real father, Professor Birch, had escaped them and left for another region (implying that he may have left for Kanto to start the Red Star Academy). Ruby helped Machine and Sapphire escape through one of the Dragons elite officers, Lance. Ruby ended falling into the crumbling building that the Reddosutā Shikaku were attacking. It is unknown what has happened to him, but as mentioned by Machine, he may still be alive as the new leader of the Elite Four in Hoenn.

Recently, while the Pokedex Holders were traveling to Johto and Orre, Ruby and his younger sister, Sapphire found out that Norman, the newest leader of the Petalburg City, may have been their father and was disguising himself as someone else. Unable to see their brother in person, they sent a letter to Machine letting him know what was going on.