Kanto: 18

Gold Star Kanto: 20


Pallet Town




Academy Graduate

Pokemon Trainer

Gym Leader of Viridian City






Hakel Fury

First Appearance

Chapter 3: The Boss


Green (Wife)

Red is a powerful Pokemon Trainer who is a rival to Blue, at first, but later admires Hakel Fury's strength and decides to become a rival against him as well. He travels in a group with Green and Yellow and previously attended the Red Star Academy claiming the third highest rank within the system. He helped defeat Team Rocket, has recently become the newest Gym Leader of the Viridian City Gym, and is married to Green.


According to Chapter 10: Red's Evil Nature, Red has a second personality, although, he doesn't remember anything afterwards about it. This certain personality comes out during arguments where Red says what he truly feels about the person or situation. Hakel suggested that this personality may have been his "real nature" and what he shows to everyone else in public is simply his way of coping with this personality. In this case, it was because of the fact that he believed he didn't need Hakel, Blue, or any of the other heroes to defeat Team Rocket or to get to the Pokemon League.

He told them that he would win the Pokemon League and defeat anyone who got in his way, even if these people turned out to be the very ones that wanted to work with him to take care of Team Rocket and get to the Pokemon League. This personality can, apparently, only be defeated when a close rival defeats him in battle, which was done by Blue. He then faints and stays that way for a few hours, unable to remember anything that happened beforehand.



PIka (Pikachu)

Pika was presumbably Red's first Pokemon, although, he has never stated it was from Professor Oak. Pika has shown to be incredibly powerful being able to defeat Blue's Scyther in one attack.

Poli (Poliwrath)

Poli, compared to Pika was shown to be much stronger than it in many ways. Red seemed to deeply care for this Pokemon and even to the extent of going into a clash with Blue's Wartortle. It ended up losing, bringing the battle to an end.

Poli was shown at the end of Chapter 14: Showdown with Lt. Surge and that it had evolved into a Poliwrath. It surprised them by saving them from Lt. Surge's final blow, blasted off the boat by its powerful Water Gun.


Gyara (Gyarados)

Gyara was the third Pokemon shown in Red's team shown in the recent chapter, Wretches and Kings. It shown to be so powerful to be able to destroy an entire base with one of its Hyper Beam attacks.

Lax (Snorlax)

Lax was the fourth Pokemon shown on Red's team. It was shown powerful enough to be able to defeat a bunch of Team Rocket's Pokemon in one Mega Punch.

Saur (Venusaur)

This is Red's Venusaur, presumably his first Pokemon that he recieved from Professor Oak (before he was killed off). It was presumed to have evolved from Bulbasaur, however, it was not shown in its two previous stages.

Vee (Espeon)

Espeon is the newest addition to Red's team that he obtained when he rescued a trapped Eevee from a Team Rocket hideout that was falling apart. He immediately realized that this Eevee was special as it almost immediately into an Espeon with extremely powerful abilities.

In battle, it is very swfit and extremely powerful as it helped him defeat a Porygon2 to become the newest Gym Leader of Viridian City Chapter 54.


Aero (Aerodactyl)

This is Red's Aerodactyl that was revived from its fossil that he had been given by one of Professor Pine's assistants. Aero is currently in Red's PC in Viridian City.