Orre is a region that part of the second story, Pokemon: Gold Star. It located north of both Kanto and Johto. Machine and the others travel to this region after obtaining the fourth Gym Badge in Johto and after seeing a sudden burst of Shadow Pokémon appear. Two evil, criminal organizations operate here; Team Snagem and Cipher and they work together to cultivate a mass army of Shadow Pokémon together.

Despite being a very exciting region, with much going on, the region is rather desolate and has the inability to catch random Pokémon in the wild. Instead, Pokémon Trainers here must snag (or capture other Shadow Pokémon) to get much of that in this region making it a less favorite among the Pokédex Holders. Wes is the official Pokédex Holder here, even though, he has no Pokédex to begin with and apparently, was a former Team Snagem member.

The only way to travel to this region is through the Goldenron Train Station and then upon reaching the end of the line, one must take the S.S. Libra to travel the rest of the way.

Cities and TownsEdit


The Orre region; the region in which a part of the second story inhabits. This is a map showing the aerial view of the region.

Orre, at first glance, is a bit of a desolate wasteland. No wild Pokemon appear in Orre regularly, however, there are some Poke Spots where Pokemon from Johto appear. The region, despite this, has many things to do and even has its own Pokemon Colosseum for people of all ages and ethinitices may challenge.

Outskirt StandEdit

The Outskirt Stand is a lonely gasoline stand/diner located in the southeastern desert of the Orre region. It is the first place Machine, Hakel, and Kusa arrive in shortly after the Gym Leader Conference had ended. Here, they meet Wes, a comrade that they travel with throughout their journey in this region. In the Orre region because wild Pokemon aren't as frequent as they are in Kanto or Johto, this is the only place that sells Poke Ball's. Artie and Wes also had a battle here to show that, to become apart of the Pokedex Holders, one will need to work for it and do the best they can in their respective region to become a new Pokedex Holder.

Phenac CityEdit