The Mushoku Yunibāsu are a branch of the Dragons that consists of all and is made up the members of the Pokedex Holders. This name is used for the purpose of keeping the Pokedex Holders identities secretive and unknown. This group was only intended to be used for simply keeping themselves a secret on the normal people of the respective regions, however, afterward, they simply keep this name because it seemed to work to protect their identity.


  • The name "Mushoku Yunibāsu" means "Colorless Universe" in Japanese. Orion seemed to pick this name because, at the time, they were to be known as no one in particular and just simply, "those who live in a universe without colors". This is obviously putting a bit of pun on some of the Pokedex Holders' names, as most of them such as Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow etc, are named after certain colors, respectively.
  • Originally, this group was used as a covert group to rescue Yellow from the clutches of the Reddosuta Shikaku.