Kusa Tenpi


Kusa Tenpi

Japanese Name (meaning)

Tenpi Kusa (Sun Grass)


Kanto: 18

Johto/Orre: 20

Hoenn: ?

Sinnoh/Poketopia: ?

Isshu: ?






Pokemon Trainer



Hakel Fury












First Appearance

Chapter 5: The Boulder Badge

Kusa Tenpi is a young, female Pokemon Trainer who travels with Machine and Hakel Fury on their journey through Kanto. Eventually realizing that she may have been the weakest of the heroes, after the battle against Team Rocket, she separates from Hakel and the others to train in a far away region.


Not really much is known about Kusa except for the fact that she is a strong willed Pokemon Trainer that helped Machine and Hakel Fury defeat Team Rocket in Pewter City. She later joined along in their quest to defeat Team Rocket for good and make it to the Indigo League after achieving the eight badges that Kanto had to offer.

Starters Obtained Throughout JourneyEdit

  • Kanto Region: Venusaur
  • Johto/Orre Region: Typhlosion
  • Hoenn Region: ?
  • Sinnoh/Poketopia Region: ?
  • Unova Region: ?
  • Aneso Region: ?


Kanto RegionEdit


Kusa's Venusaur.

Venusaur is Kusa's first Pokemon that she obtained a day or two earlier than either Machine or Hakel. Not much is known about Venusaur besides the known spirit of goodness inside of it and the power that it truly entails.

Ivysaur was seen evolved into its final form upon cornerning Team Rocket along with Erika and the townsfolk of Celadon City. It was able to whip Raion Susamajii and the rest of Triad of Elite's without them even realizing at first.


Kusa's Nidoqueen.

When it evolved from its previous form, it was shown to be ten times stronger and swifter and it even learned a new move, Thunderbolt that defeated Gyarados. Although powerful, Nidoqueen (as a Nidorina) deeply yearns to become a Nidoqueen and become even stronger than before. Nidorino evolved into Nidoqueen during Kusa's training with Rich for four weeks finally achieving its goal.

Kusa's Machamp.

Machop is the third addition to Kusa's team given to her by Mr. Chairman after she, Machine, and Hakel became honorary members of the Pokemon Fan Club.

Machop evolved into Machoke shortly before arriving in Celadon City. Machoke is very powerful as it got the most training out of all of Kusa's beside her newly obtained Haunter.

Machoke finally evolved into a Machamp during the four week training that Kusa had taken with Rich.


Kusa's Gengar.

Gastly is the fourth and newest addition of Kusa's team given to her by Mr. Chairman after she, Machine, and Hakel became honorary members of the Pokemon Fan Club.

Gastly evolved into Haunter shortly after Kusa's Machoke. It is the one of Kusa's team that got the second most amount of training, with the first being Machoke.

Haunter evolved into Gengar during the four week training regiment Kusa had with Rich.


Kusa's Marowak.

Cubone is the newest addition to Kusa's team. Although nothing is known about its power at the moment, Kusa caught Cubone right before arriving in Celadon City with Machine and Hakel.

Cubone finally evolved during its four week training regiment that Kusa and Rich had taken in the Rock Tunnel.


Kusa's Electabuzz.

Electabuzz is the final Pokemon in Kusa's team that she caught right before traveling to Cinnabar Island. In grew in power during the four week training regiment, Kusa had brought it through. Upon showing it, it has shown that Electabuzz is now one of Kusa's powerhouses as it has already gotten larger.

Johto and Orre RegionEdit


Kusa's Venusaur.

Venusaur was Kusa's first Pokemon that she obtained in the Kanto region as her first starter Pokemon. Unable to leave it behind, she decided to take Venusaur on all of her journies to any region that she may visit.

Kusa's Typhlosion.

Typhlosion was the Pokemon that Kusa chooses as her starter in the Johto Region. Despite being close friends with Machine's Totodile, Cyndaquil seemed to be the most dignified and calm. However, Typhlosion (as a Cyndaquil) was able to defeat Gold's Cyndaquil very easily. Upon its evolution, it's attack and speed increased greatly as it's now able to keep up with Silver's Sneasal in heated combat as well as in its third and final stage.

Kusa's Donphan.

Donphan is Kusa's second Pokemon that she caught in the Johto Region. As a Phanpy, she was easily able to overwhelm her Cyndaquil, however, after she used Venusaur's Leech Seed to zap its energy, Phanpy calmed down and Kusa was able to catch it. Phanpy evolved into Donphan at the same time that Machine's Pupitar evolved from its first stage, during their battle with Folly and Trudly.

Kusa's Mareep.

Mareep is actually Kusa's fourth Pokemon, however, she counts it as her third Pokemon that she captured with a Snag Ball in the Orre Region. Mareep was her easiest catch in the region as her Phanpy was easily able to overwhelm Mareep and Kusa was able to catch it.

Kusa's Chinchou.

Chinchou is Kusa's fourth Pokemon that she caught in the Orre Region shortly after learning the Purification process to heal the Shadow Pokemon of the region. Chinchou was one of the first Pokemon purified and Kusa kept Chinchou after it was captured.

Kusa's Skarmory.

Skarmory is Kusa's fifth and final Pokemon that she caught in the Orre Region right before returning to the Johto Region. Skarmory was incredibly powerful as it was able to defeat Kusa's Vensaur in a few strikes. However, after using Mareep's electricity to overwhelm it, she easily caught it.