A generation, in terms of the Pokemon World, refers to each individual region with its individual number of the Pokemon that simply belong to that specific region. Currently, there are six generations of Pokemon World.

Generation ListEdit

Generation # # of Pokemon Region Story Known As... Starter Pokemon
Generation I 151 Kanto Pokemon: Red Star The Color Generation

Bulbasaur (Grass/Poison)

Charmander (Fire)

Squirtle (Water)

Generation II 100 Johto Pokemon: Gold Star The Metal Generation

Chikorita (Grass)

Cyndaquil (Fire)

Totodile (Water)

Generation III 135 Hoenn Pokemon: Ruby Star The Advanced Generation

Treecko (Grass)

Torchic (Fire)

Mudkip (Water)

Generation IV 107 Sinnoh Pokemon: Diamond Star The 3D Generation

Turtwig (Grass)

Chimchar (Fire)

Piplup (Water)

Generation V 156 Unova Pokemon: Black Star The Monochrome Generation

Tsutarja (Grass)

Pokabu (Fire)

Mijumaru (Water)

Generation VI 100 Aneso Pokemon: Final Star The Zero Generation

Midoiryu (Grass/Dragon)

Kikai (Fire/Steel)

Mizikou (Water/Electric)