This is the official list of chapters for the series of Pokemon: Red Star. The series takes inspiration from the Pokemon franchise in general (anime, manga, and games) and was created to feature a Pokemon world more corrupt and mature than anything has been before because of language and mature scenes.

Note: Please see The Official Pokemon: Star series page for more information.

Red Star SagaEdit


The Logo's structure for Pokemon: Red Star made by Daniel Luke.

Pokemon: Red Star is the first story in the series. It stars Machine and friends going through the Kanto Region trying to battle Team Rocket, Gym Leaders, their own personal feelings about one another, and to someday become the Pokemon Champion of the Kanto Region. Pokemon: Red Star has about 33 chapters in its finish.
  • Start Date: Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010
  • End Date: Monday, February 14th, 2011

Note: That most chapters will be re-read and fixed for grammatical errors and other such things that feel array.

Red Star Saga Starter Pokemon ObtainedEdit

  • Bulbasaur -> Ivysaur -> Venusaur (Kusa)
  • Charmander -> Charmeleon -> Charizard (Machine)
  • Squirtle -> Wartortle -> Blastoise (Hakel)

List of RS ChaptersEdit

Number of Chapter Name of Chapter Region
1 Graduation Day Kanto
2 A Great Death Kanto
3 The Boss Kanto
4 The Journey Begins Kanto
5 The Boulder Badge Kanto
6 Step One Kanto
7 Machine versus Kris Kanto
8 A Legend Appears Kanto
9 Gotta Escape 'Em All Kanto
10 Red's Evil Nature Kanto
11 A Legendary Fight Kanto
12 The Cascade Badge Kanto
13 The Pokemon Fan Club Kanto
14 Showdown with Lt. Surge Kanto
15 Reddosuta Shikaku Kanto
16 Step Two Kanto
17 The Rainbow Badge Kanto
18 True Feelings Kanto
19 Wretches and Kings Kanto
20 Time to Rest Kanto
21 Fuchsia City Kanto
22 Hypno's Naptime: Part I Kanto

Hypno's Naptime: Part II

24 The Marsh Badge Kanto
25 Step Three Kanto
26 Awakening Kanto
27 Giovanni Revealed: The Last Gym Battle Kanto
28 The Indigo League Conference Kanto
29 First Match: Machine versus Hakel Kanto
30 Revenge Unleashed Kanto
31 The Rise of Team Rocket Kanto
32 Heroes of the Indigo League Kanto
33 Moving On Kanto

Gold Star SagaEdit


A temporary logo created at PureSilverBannerMaker for Pokemon: Gold Star.

Pokemon: Gold Star is the second story in the series. It stars Machine and company two years after conquering the Indigo League in the Kanto Region and defeating Team Rocket. They are given a new upgrade to their Pokedex's by Professor Pine and are sent into the next region, Johto where they must once again conquer the Pokemon League of this region.

They must also help out a region north of Johto and Kanto, Orre, and stop the evil Team Snagem and Cipher from destroying a land cultivated by numerous Pokemon. It also reveals much of Hakel's past as well as Kusa and Hakel's growing much closer to one another.

  • Start Chapter: February 23rd, 2011
  • End Chapter: ?

Gold Star Saga Starter Pokemon ObtainedEdit

  • Chikorita -> Bayleef -> Meganium (Hakel)
  • Cyndaquil -> Quilava -> Typhlosion (Kusa)
  • Totodile -> Croconaw -> Feraligatr (Machine)

List of GS ChaptersEdit

Number of Chapter Name of Chapter Region
34 The Kings Return Kanto
35 Gold and Aipom Johto
36 Exbo's Eruption! Johto
37 The Reddosuta Shikaku Appears Johto
38 The Golden Boy! Johto
39 The New Pokedex Holder Johto
40 The Zephyr Badge Johto
41 The Attack on Slowpoke Well Johto
42 Awakening of the Unown Johto
43 The Hive Badge Johto
44 Gold's Warning Johto
45 Silver versus Machine Johto
46 The Masked Man Johto
47 Memory Loss Johto
48 The Plain Badge Johto
49 The Bell Tower Falls Johto
50 The Pokédex Holders versus Toukai of the Reddosuta Shikaku Johto
51 A Pokedex Holder's True Power Johto
52 The Fog Badge Johto
53 Delibird Delivery Johto
54 The Viridian Gym Challenge Johto
55 Sixteen Gym Leader Conference Kanto
56 Jasmine versus Forrest Kanto
57 Whitney versus Sakura/Falkner versus Janine Kanto
58 Lt. Surge versus Morty Kanto
59 Bugsy versus Natsume Kanto
60 Red versus Chuck Kanto
61 Blaine versus John Dragos Kanto
62 Leinad versus Erika Kanto
63 The Traitor of Team Snagem Orre
64 New Battles, Old Memories Orre
65 The Stone Cold Gym Leader Orre and Johto
66 Trouble in Phenac City Johto and Orre
67 Wes' Past: Part One Orre
68 Wes' Past: Part Two Orre
69 Stories Unfolding Johto
70 Re-Awakening Johto
71 Lugia's Defeat Johto
72 Being Followed Orre
73 Mysterious Shadows Appear Kanto and Johto and Orre
74 The Evils of Love Orre
75 Gotta Catch Those Shadow Pokemon Orre

Ruby Star SagaEdit

Pokemon: Ruby Star brings Machine's past full circle as he comes back to the region where he was born, the Hoenn Region. Upon arriving, they immediately meet up with a few members of the Dragons and inducted as official members. The Dragons leader, Orion reveals that Machine's brother, Ruby Emerald, and his little sister, Sapphire Emerald have recently joined the Dragons to help out with the cause. The Reddosuta Shikaku are suspected to have grown, even after they were defeated, with Pulse returning as their leader once more. They have also made a pact with Team Aqua and Team Magma for one more attack on the heroes as they go along on their journey to make it to the Hoenn League Conference, while finding out that Yellow and Machine have more on the line than just their lives. This story is currently in production.

Ruby Star Starter Pokemon ObtainedEdit

  • Treecko -> Grovyle -> Sceptile (Machine)
  • Torchi -> Combusken -> Blaziken (Hakel)
  • Mudkip -> Marshtomp -> Swampert (Kusa)

Diamond Star SagaEdit

Pokemon: Diamon Star brings the heroes to the next region of the Pokemon world, Sinnoh where they discover that a new organization, Team Galatic is trying to take over the world with their idiotic idealism of creating a new universe with a few new legendary Pokemon. However, when Machine and co. come, they are encountered by a legendary Pokemon that may have created the Pokemon world. They also travel to the Poketopia, a utopian society that is soon going to be attacked by Team Galatic. This story is still in production.

Diamond Star Saga Starter Pokemon ObtainedEdit

  • Turtwig -> Grotle -> Torterra (Kusa)
  • Chimchar -> Monferno -> Infernape (Machine)
  • Piplup -> Prinplpup -> Empeleon (Hakel)

Black Star SagaEdit

Pokemon: Black Star brings them to the newest region of the Pokemon world ruled over by Zekron and Reshiram. Because of Machine's child being born, Yellow decides to retire from Pokemon Training and become a housewife. However, must to Machine's dismay, Yellow tells him to go with Hakel and Kusa to the next region: Sinnoh and challenge the Sinnoh League. Machine discovers, along with Hakel and Kusa, that Kris Darchart and Raion Susamajii have joined Team Plasma to get back at them for trying to destroy them back in Pokemon: Red Star. Team Plasma has a bounty on their heads and will pay anyone large sums of money if the three heroes are caught. This story is still in production.

Black Star Saga Starter Pokemon ObtainedEdit

  • Snivy -> Servine -> Serperior (Hakel)
  • Tepig -> Pignite -> Emboar (Kusa)
  • Oshawatt -> Dewott -> Samurott (Machine)

Final Star SagaEdit

Pokemon: Final Star is the final story in the Pokemon: Red Star series. The story brings the three heroes ten years in the future where they have all "retired" from being Pokemon Trainers to lead the lives that they have now. Machine and Yellow currently live in Hoenn with their daughter of ten years old, Rose Emerald. Machine has adopted his family name, Crimson and Yellow has taken his name when they were married. Hakel and Kusa now also live together with their son, Shourai Fury and they are married as well. However, it seems that Professor Pine has one last assignment for them right after all the regions are attacked by "a force stronger than that of Arceus". With their new goal in mind, they travel to the final region, Aneso and embark a new journey, still without the assistance of Yellow as she stays behind to take care of Rose and Shourai.

Final Star Saga Starter Pokemon ObtainedEdit

  • Midoiryu -> Kyudori -> Masuimata (Kusa)
  • Kikai -> Shirukai -> Konohite (Machine)
  • Mizikou -> Gekijou -> Zenumaru (Hakel)

Rebirth Star SagaEdit

Pokemon: Rebirth Star is a oneshot story, six years after the events of Pokemon: Final Star starring the son of Hakel and Kusa and the daughter of Machine and Yellow at the age of sixteen ready to set off on their Pokemon journey's. However, after hearing that their parents had disappeared on an expedition that was being requested by Professor Pine, Shourai and Rose joins forces to find them and bring them back to their world. However, shortly after starting their journey together, the tectonic plates of the Pokemon world begin to shift causing a "Poke"-like Pangaea meaning that all the regions were now intertwined and one could travel to Unova, Kanto, or Johto as easy as possible.

Despite devastating the land and all that lived in, this was not the end of it. The water on the entire planet had suddenly dwindled and now, in the middle of the region there was a gigantic lake that all water Pokemon had migrated making water Pokemon users very scare around this world. So, now, Shourai and Rose must travel through this new Pokemon world battling enemies, meeting new friends, and deciding if their destiny really must be together or be separated forever to save their own family members.