Brandon is a previous member of the Pokédex Holders of the Kanto Region. He is also a very powerful Pokemon Trainer as he made it to the Pokemon League finals with everyone else.


Until Chapter 57, Brandon's whereabouts were unknown to everyone of the Pokedex Holders, assuming that he had just been killed off or something of that sort. However, upon release of this chapter, it was shown that Brandon was indeed still alive, fighting against a bunch of Reddosuta Shikaku members to reveal that he is an excellent marital artist, being able to defeat them with just himself and his Hitmonlee. Despite being able to defeat them all, he was captured by Pulse, who had personally appeared to destroy Brandon's body in a single burst of energy. Although not realizing this at first, Brandon was simply being induced illusions of himself getting torn apart by Pulse and, this is why his body did not disinegrate. Brandon's "destroyed body" was then taken to the Masked Man by Raion Susamajii and Kris Darchart, telling him to become "one" with Brandon. Rai and Kris then left, and the Masked Man did as he was told and became "one" with his body. Only the Masked Man truly knows what "becoming one" with someone means.



Brandon's Hitmonlee

Hitmonlee was Brandon's only shown Pokemon in his party. Hitmonlee was extremely fast, being able to keep up with Brandon as they took down some Reddosuta Shikaku members in an unknown region. However, shortly after calling back this Pokemon, Brandon was captured by Pulse, ripping apart his entire body with one attack.