Japanese Name

グリーン Green


Kanto: 19

Kanto (Two Years Later): 21


Pallet Town




Academy Graduate

Pokemon Trainer

Pokédex Holders

Pokemon Champion




First Appearance

Chapter 2: A Great Death

Blue is Machine's rival and has been ever since they both attended the Red Star Academy. Blue is originally from Pallet Town. His father, Professor Oak, was killed by Team Rocket but Blue acted as if he didn't care. After the events of Team Rocket's attack took place, Blue went back to the Pokemon League a year later and became the new Pokemon Champion after defeating all the Elite Four there.


Blue is a mystery to everyone and he treats others like trash whenever he gets the chance. However, according to a few instances in Pokemon: Red Star, Blue has acted beyond his normal standing. Several times in the story, he has treated the rest the Pokedex Holders as if they were his equals even though, he believes Red and Machine are the strongest within the group. Blue, although at first thought to be a heartless person, seems to enjoy the company of them, even though, he may still at times not admit it. Despite coming off rash and deliberate, Blue is actually a nice person and this has been shown through his Pokemon and how well he trains and treats them.

Another instance shown in Blue's developmental process was when Machine was thought to have been killed by an explosion created through his reckless charging into a Dragonite's Hyper Beam to try and deflect the attack. This worked, however, afterwards, everyone there, including were crushed and felt horrible about what happened. In fact, without even consciously realizing it until later, Blue comforted Yellow after she broke down, onto her knees in tears from the loss of her most cherised and beloved one.

Pokemon (all regions)Edit



Squirtle was Blue's first Pokemon in the Kanto Region. It was shown in the most recent chapter to be powerful, cunning and swiftly capable of dodging such powerful attacks like Focus Punch. Blue's Wartortle was shown to have known Mega Punch and was able to use it in succession quickly. Wartortle is Blue's strongest Pokemon on his team. Blue's Wartortle evolved during his four week training regiment.


Blue caught Pidgey shortly after emerging from Viridian Forest and after his father was killed. He had stated that he caught Pidgey on his first try, although, he did note that it was tough to defeat. It is unknown if Pidgey has evolved yet. During his four week training regiment alone in the Cerulean Cave, his Pidgeotto (presumbably) evolved into a Pidgeot during that time.



Scizor was a Scyther that Blue had assumingly caught at the Safari Zone in Kanto. After beating another challenger from the Pokemon League, the challenger handed Blue a Metal Coat for his Scyther. Scizor has become a powerhouse in Blue's team, despite not being able to defeat Machine's Scizor at all.


Golduck is Blue's fourth Pokemon and was presumably caught as a Golduck, however, this is unknown.


Porygon2 was Blue's fifth Pokemon and was won at the Celadon City Game Corner a day before Machine and the others arrived there back then. Porygon evolved into Porygon2 sometime after he became the Champion of Kanto.


Charizard was a Charmander that he traded a Machop for. He has kept it a secret and evolved it into a Charizard during his four week training regiment.

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